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Brandon at War Brandon at War
An introduction to Brandon at War:

Speak to most people who were in Brandon during the Second World War and they will retell the story of when the town's school was machine gunned by a low flying German bomber, and they might even tell you that they saw it happen. They might also be able to refer to one night when the town suffered bomb damage by more enemy bombers, or perhaps they would tell you about their own personal accounts of life in Brandon during the war.

Brandon at War uses these accounts to tell the story of the town during the war. Piecing together these personal accounts of life in Brandon during the war, eyewitnesses outline the timeline of the machine gunning of the school and also suggests where that bomber had come from. There is also an account of the bombing of Thetford Road from someone who was very lucky to survive a blast from a German bomb. There are other accounts from evacuees to Brandon, and one of them suggests he was the first evacuee to Brandon, we also hear from a Home Guardsman who later went into Germany before the end of the war. There are accounts of Brandon's servicemen receiving medals for bravery and there's the roll of honour to remember those men who died as a result of active service.

With web pages dedicated to each year of the war there is easy access to the daily life in Brandon: 1939 still sees a full sporting programme as Brandon's football clubs compete in the Bury & District league, an ARP exercise in 1940, the Royal visit in 1941, Warship week in 1942, the list of Brandon men caught up as POWs of the Japanese in 1943, how Brandon magistrates were kept busy fining the townsfolk and billeted servicemen in 1944 and as the war began to wind down in 1945 the town's council get back to the more mundane business of obtaining quotes for posts and lighting.

Brandon at War Brandon at War

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