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Engine house restoration update

Published: Sunday 19th March 2017 at 21:00

Engine house restoration update

Work is continuing to progress well on the restoration of the Engine House at Brandon Country Park and the contractors have now been on site for 6 weeks.

Since our story a month ago regarding progress on the works, they have connected up the electricity and started on the wall footings of the link building between the main Engine House and Bothy, where the services like toilets and kitchen will be housed. The original door of the bothy has been bricked up and moved to allow access from the link building.

All the slates and old tin roofing have been removed, and the slates that can be reused are being saved. At the moment they are adding a layer of closed-cell foam insulation to the roof and when this is done the slates (including as many salvaged ones as possible) will go on. The chimney has also been rebuilt and a new chimney pot sourced

Inside, the roof beams which are beyond repair are being replaced, but in a distinctively different coloured wood so it will be clear which bits are new. A new floor has also been laid in the bothy and some of the brickwork has been repaired.

This project is part of the Breaking New Ground Landscape Partnership, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and each month we'll be updating you on the progress of the building work.


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