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Trees planted in dedication

Published: Sunday 14th January 2018 at 12:30

Trees planted in dedication

Dedication trees have been planted in Brandon in memory of resident's family members with the final one at the site being added just a few days ago.

This idea is Brandon in Bloom's latest scheme following the success of two other trees planted elsewhere in the town for the same reason earlier this year.

Six families have planted trees in memory of their loved ones along the flint wall, opposite The Flintknappers pub, on Thetford Road.

Rachel Sobiechowski, from Brandon in Bloom, said: "The trees are Pear, Coxes Apple, Morello Cherry, Plum, Apricot and Quince.

"The limited space behind the planters, and preserving and being able to admire the flint wall where high on our list of considerations when choosing permanent plants to plant along the wall.

"In our case we will be training the trees to grow along the width of the wall and will halt the height at the top of the wall.

"We will also limit the number of branches the trees produce to just 3 or 4 main leaders, this will mean the flint wall will always be visible between the branches."

Samantha Kingdon, who runs Brandon Chiropractic where the wall is located, added: "At Brandon Chiropractic I want to be part of the community, not just provide a service to the public, which is why we are proud to support Brandon in Bloom in their efforts to enhance our local community appearance and involvement in engaging with our residents to be proud of our town creating  a beautiful environment we can all enjoy."

Those who sponsored and planted the trees had the following to say:

Trudy Staines: "Kathryn Swan moved to Brandon from London November 2011 with husband Nigel and three sons for a better quality of life and to be close to her parents and brother whom she was very close.

"Kathryn enjoyed time with her family over Brandon Country Park often getting lost. She had a fourth son January 2014. Tragically Kathryn had an accident and as a result died from her injuries on 25th July 2016.

"It's because of her love of the countryside, forest and her new home town we wanted to have a living memorial that the children could see. It would be lovely to think she was watching the events of the tree planting by her family."

Angie Jordan: "I've bought a tree in memory of my parents and sister. It is also a new start in Brandon for myself, so I dedicated this tree to my loved ones so I can go somewhere special in Brandon in memory of my family."

Terry and Clea Newell: "Terry's grandparents originally wanted to be scattered under their fruit tree at home, but this wasn't possible so having a fruit tree in town is an ideal compromise.

"We as a family love having somewhere that we can visit, that's central, local and they both would have approved of. We would recommend this to everyone as a fitting memorial."

Shaun Butler: "The dedication is for my father Barry Butler. My family has history in Brandon connected to the Co-op in the 60's and later my father Barry Butler ran the local youth club/disco in the 70's.

"He also payed darts around Brandon and raised a lot of money for the Addenbrookes cancer scanner before his death in 1980."

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