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Memorial tree supports installed

Published: Monday 12th February 2018 at 19:00

Memorial tree supports installed

New tree supports have been installed by the Brandon in Bloom team for the memorial trees recently planted at 'The Wedge' on Thetford Road.

Ben Betts, from Betts of Brandon, helped by a number of Brandon in Bloom volunteers this morning, Monday 12th February, installed the new supporting structure.

New wires included within the structure will help to train the trees into their proposed fan shape as they grow. Unfortunately the current wires attached to the flint wall were becoming unstable.

On inspection last summer, Britain in Bloom judge Nigel Bloxham, commented that 'The Wedge' was too reliant on the use of annual bedding plants and suggested that Brandon in Bloom address the sustainability of the planting.

Aileen Ferguson, one of Brandon in Bloom's regular volunteers, suggested planting trees behind the planters and fan shaped trees where considered the best choice.

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