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Commemorative plaque unveiled

Published: Sunday 28th October 2018 at 15:00

Commemorative plaque unveiled

A commemorative plaque has been unveiled as part of a newly built wall and memorial garden at Brandon Heritage Centre.

The new plaque was unveiled today at a small preview event by Vice Chairman of Forest Heath District Council, Chris Barker.

After a few words were said by Mr Barker, Rev Sharron Coburn from St Peter's Church said a short prayer to bless the area.

Those at the event were then invited inside Brandon Heritage Centre to look around new displays and Jenny Brocklehurst, centre manager, made a short speech to thank those who help with the running of the centre.

Organised by chairman of Brandon in Bloom, Gary Brocklehurst, the garden and wall, along with the new plaque, have been built to remember World War One for the armistice centenary.

Funding has come from the locality budgets of Forest Heath district councillors Victor Lukaniuk, Christine Mason, David Palmer, Peter Ridgewell and Reg Silvester.

The project has also been supported by the Brandon branch of the Royal British Legion.

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