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Poppy cascade goes up at St Peter's

Published: Friday 2nd November 2018 at 21:00

Poppy cascade goes up at St Peter's

A cascade of approximately 10,000 knitted, crocheted and sewn fabric poppies has been installed today on the church tower at St Peter's in Brandon.

Large nets incorporating the poppies were lifted into position with the help of Brandon fire service to commemorate the armistice centenary.

Brandon Crafters have spent many hours sewing the poppies onto the nets which have been created by the group themselves, local residents and others from across the country over the last twelve months.

The poppy cascade is just one of a number of poppy displays, arranged by Brandon in Bloom, that will be in place across the town for the next two weeks.

Other displays can be seen at The Wedge, Brandon Royal British Legion and Brandon Heritage Centre.

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