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West Suffolk Council results revealed

Published: Friday 3rd May 2019 at 09:00

West Suffolk Council results revealed

Following yesterday's voting and today's counting, the results for the West Suffolk Council elections for Brandon have now been announced.

Brandon is now split into three wards, Brandon East, Brandon Central and Brandon West with one councillor elected in each ward.

The results, with votes for each nominee, can be seen below.


West Suffolk Brandon East:


  • Peter Callaghan (Independent) - 50 votes
  • Andy Erlam (Labour) - 59 votes
  • Peter Ridgwell (Independent) - 111 votes
  • Reg Silvester (Conservative) - 173 votes
  • Phil Wittam (West Suffolk Independent) - 179

ELECTED: Phil Wittam


West Suffolk Brandon West:


  • Christine Mason (Conservative) - 128 votes
  • David Palmer (West Suffolk Independent) - 267 votes
  • Eddie Stewart (Independent) - 177 votes

ELECTED: David Palmer


West Suffolk Brandon Central:


  • Susan Dean (Labour) - 50 votes
  • Francis Hart (Conservative) - 91 votes
  • Victor Lukaniuk (West Suffolk Independent) - 292 votes
  • Susan Smith (Independent) - 68 votes

ELECTED: Victor Lukaniuk

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