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Brandon bin collection days to change

Published: Wednesday 9th October 2019 at 11:30

Brandon bin collection days to change

The bin collection days for Brandon will be changing from the 11th November 2019 with blue and black collections being made on Mondays going forward.

Garden waste collections of the brown bins will remain unchanged and will continue to be collected on Thursdays.

A yellow tag on the black bin will shortly be alerting West Suffolk residents that changes in blue and black bin collection days and times are on their way.

You will be able to check the new collection days on very soon and on the West Suffolk Council website.

Cllr Stevens, West Suffolk Council Cabinet member for Operations explains 

"The whole way waste is managed in West Suffolk is changing, in order to meet need and to become more efficient. The last time we reviewed the whole district was 2010 and a lot has changed since then.

"Demand on waste services has increased, and so have the opportunities to invest in new technologies and facilities that will make the operation more efficient. We are reviewing all our blue and black bin collection rounds to find extra capacity, save money and waste miles and continue to provide an excellent service".

The review means that over half West Suffolk households will see a change of day for their alternate weekly collection of blue and black bins. And for those keeping the same day will see a change of time when the waste crew arrives at the property. The brown bin collection day will remain unchanged this year for customers of the West Suffolk Garden Waste Collection Service.

Cllr Peter Stevens continues

"We will be writing to every household in good time, giving details of their new collection day together with a calendar to help make the transition. We are putting yellow tags on the black bins to alert residents to look out for the letter that will arrive shortly.

"Full details will also be available on our website nearer the time, and we will be doing all we can to help households make the change."


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