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George Street Car Park

  • IP27 0BX, Brandon

Parking is free in this car park all day, no ticket is required. Electric vehicle charging points are also available.

40 spaces available in this car park (figures from West Suffolk Council).

Electric vehicle charging points are available in this car park in partnership with BP Pulse. To use these charge points you need to sign up to BP Pulse ( You can either subscribe for a monthly fee or have instant access. For either option, you will need an RFID card or BP Pulse app to start and end of charging sessions. Customers pay for the energy (per kWh) that they use. Charge points are cheaper per kWh for those that subscribe and pay the monthly fee or slightly more expensive for instant access. These charge points deliver approximately 7kWh via a standard type 2 connector, which equates to approximately 25 miles of range per hour (depending on vehicle and driving style) and are best to use when parked for longer periods, for example while shopping or working.


  • IP27 0BX, Brandon

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